Women and men – differences in gambling

Although gambling is often said to be a “masculine world”, and ladies find it really great. They come from year to year. The question is: do women and men behave differently during casino games?

Stereotypical thinking about divisions on sex slowly goes to the age of history. Forgetting for a moment about artificial political correctness, let’s say clearly: some regularities and differences in male and female gambling behaviors can be noticed. This is, for example, a tendency to risk or the choice of the type of games.

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The reasons why we start playing casino are the same
And regardless of sex. It, boredom, the desire to find interesting entertainment, which will break away from monotony, and often also, the desire for easy earnings. As we know, everything depends on luck in the casino, but the motivations for starting a gambling adventure are the same for women and men. It is worth emphasizing that it is said that statistically, women who for the first time exceed the threshold of the casino (including the internet one) are 10 years older than men. Is this a guarantee of greater maturity in the game? Yes and no.

Risk and adrenaline
Risky behaviors – and gambling are one of them – it is undoubtedly the domain attributed to men. Evidence can be sought for example in evolutionary psychology. In the proverbial Stone Age, it was on the man’s head to protect the family against natural hazards, and to obtain food. To achieve the highest benefits, he often had to risk his own life. Adrenaline, which is secreted in situations of life and death, is an addictive pleasure. To this day, men are more likely to take risks. As you can see in the casino?

Oh, if only after the way of betting. A man is more likely to play for the highest stake and will bear a higher risk of loss than a woman in such a situation. On the other hand, ladies can be more emotional, and gentlemen – strategic.

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Is the strategy a male thing?
Observing the behavior of women in the casino, it can be noted that ladies choose games that are more random, in full, for example, slots. The gentlemen do not shy away from the games in which the strategy counts: they analyze and coolly calculate. As a result – decisions about specific moves during the game of poker or the eye are taken deliberately, while women can get carried away during the game and “go crazy”.

Is this always the case and in any case? Absolutely not! We will find emotional and uninitiated men and women who “sweep” at poker tables, playing successive games like chess champions. Stereotypes, on the other hand, always remain only (and as much as) stereotypes. It is not worth giving them. A better solution is choosing a game or strategy that we think is the best – no matter what gender we are.

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