Maybe you ever thought about betting your money, but you always had the same doubts about which games of chance were most likely to win or those that have more profitability.

Is it better to invest in a roulette or buy lottery tickets for a lifetime with the hope that one day ours will be the winner? The solution you will find below.


  • The games with greater chances of winning
  • Very low odds of winning
  • The games with the worst chances of winning
The games with greater chances of winning

No doubt these types of games are the best for beginners, they all have a simple dynamics and have high odds. The rules are easy, and the chances of making money are at 50% in many of them.

The French wheel

It is a good game for beginners, since the dynamics are very simple, and certainly is one of the games where the odds are highest, practically close to 50% with bets to red or black, odd or even, or high or low , Let’s say it’s like playing a face or cross.

Wheel Betting Dues   Probability
Red / Black 2 46.37%
Odd Couple 2 46.37%
Manque / Pass 2 46.37%
1st, 2nd, 3rd dozen / column 3 31.58%
Full number 36 2.63%
Horse 18 5.26%
Terna 12 7.89%
Square Referring to Fig. 10.53%
Sextet 6 15.79%
Top five 7 13.16%


The dice may seem like a complicated game for beginners because they can perform different types of bets, but to understand it and to dominate it is quite simple.

The dice are one of the games where the advantage in favor of the house is low, can go from 1.2% to 0.60%. So we could be talking about a percentage close to 49.29%. That is one of the most likely to win games.

Casino data

Black Jack

The chances of Blackjack are high, usually, the advantage for the house is close to 1% in a casino, and up to 0.13% in many online operators. What makes that game one of the most advantageous to bring our money back.

black Jack
Very low odds of winning

They are perhaps more attractive games for beginners since it is not necessary to know the rules or have experience, but most of them hide very low chances of winning.

Wheel of Fortune

It is a very popular game in casinos, and especially in the city of Las Vegas. It is a simple concept, a large wheel divided into 54 different segments, simply turn the wheel and wait for it to stop where we want.

However, the simplicity of the game hides bad odds, as we face a 54: 1, and only one segment has the highest prize, which makes it difficult to win a high prize. The advantage of the house is from 11.2% to 24.07%.

Roulette fortune casino

Slots or Slots

It is not among the most likely to win games of chance. Do not be fooled by this colorful machines, they are the biggest attraction of casinos, they attract beginners for their simplicity, their colors and their sounds, but the chances of taking a boat high are really low.

The odds are from 1 to 262,144 for a prize of about 2400 coins, and from 1 to 49,836,032 for high prizes ranging from 8 to 33 million. That is why it is advisable for inexperienced players to bet on other types of games, and not be hypnotized by the music and colors of the slots.

Casino slots
The games with the worst chances of winning

Out of the most likely games of chance are winning lotteries.

No doubt the most difficult to win games of chance are lotteries, but at the same time they are the ones with the highest prizes, so they tend to attract a lot of people. The chances of winning touch the 0, but the simplicity of the game attracts many since we simply have to buy our ticket and wait for a chance, our numbers are the ones chosen.

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