Does counting cards work?

To begin with, it is worth pointing out that in all gambling games – whether we are talking about roulette, slots or card games, rules of probability, or mathematics, are governed. The exact calculation of the area in which the ball will stop during a roulette game or any possible card is impossible. Well, unless the system is dishonest. However, due to strict and restrictive regulations, such situations are very rare, and cheating attempts are quickly detected by the casinos and end up with … nasty consequences. But in card games there is something more than luck. An appropriate strategy is also important.

Where and how to count cards?

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Counting cards is a method used by many experienced Blackjack players, who are also known as eyelashes or twenty-one. It is not, however, a matter of unfair action, and a method of reacting to what appears on the table. How does this count? Watching cards that appear on the table. In the simplest of terms – if there are more aces and figures left in the deck for the hand than numbers, chances of winning are higher. So it is worth to play for higher stakes. The most common method of counting cards in Blackjack is, however, the so-called HiLo strategy.

The player who decides to use this system in the game must carefully watch his cards, dealer and other players and … assign their own values ​​according to the rules. In this way, he will be able to estimate whether there are more low or high cards in the deck and modify the way the game is played. More about this method can be found in Dr. Edward Throp’s book, “Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One.”

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Counting cards does not always pay off

While games such as Blackjack counting cards are very logical, honest and often beneficial strategies, for example, in poker or bakery may turn out to be much less useful. This is not about gathering in the cards the right number of points, and gaining a particular arrangement – better than those who have others. And guessing specific cards that will appear in the waist in the next round is rather impossible.

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So count the cards? In Blackjack – it is certainly worth trying to master the basic principles of this data analysis technique. They will both be in the standard casino game and in online entertainment. However, you have to take these techniques in a big bracket and remember that 100% guaranteed to win never, never. Gambling is always at risk. The expenses we pay for a game can not be treated as an investment, but as a cost that will never return. Then the victory will taste even better.

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