Baccarat – principles and basics

Baccarat is an extremely popular casino game, which is also considered one of the most prestigious. It provides a lot of exciting emotions thanks to quick action, the need to make simple decisions and big winnings. Find out how to play and … join baccarat fans

Did you know that Baccarat is a game whose history goes back to the end of the 15th century? It is believed that the game came from Italy to France and then quickly spread throughout the world.

Is the game not for everyone?

It turns out that Baccarat is a game of uncomplicated rules that can be quickly implemented in practice. Despite everything, it is considered a game not for everyone. Why?

In traditional casinos, it is played in a separate place, accessible only to “baccarat” players. It is in this game that you play on high stakes, giving you the chance to achieve very big wins. And if high rates, not everyone can afford them …

Simple rules

Baccarat is a game based on a deck of 52 cards, using up to 8 decks. The main assumption of the game is to get the total value of the cards equal to 9 points or as close as possible to the card. Each card has a specific value – in the case of cards from 2 to 9 these are the same values, while 10 and figures (jack, king, queen) reach the value 0, and the aces have the value 1. Each stack of cards over 9 loses.

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The hand is played between two participants: Punto (player) and banco (banker/croupier). The three-part table puts bets: for a draw, for winning a punto (for his winnings), for winning a banco (for winning a banker). In practice, this means that your own card result does not matter – only the correct bet counts.

The player receives 2 cards from the deck. If the sum of the cards is equal to 10 or higher than 10, then the decimal part is omitted (obtaining the sum of 14, the result is 4). Only the sum closest to 9 gives victory. The result 6 and 7 means the loss of the queue. When the sum of both cards is 5 or less, the player draws the next card from the deck. In turn, the banker draws the third card when the sum of his cards is 2 or less.

Chances of winning

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As statistics and prediction show, the chances of winning the victory are almost 50:50 – the victory scale at the start tilts slightly towards the banker. This means that Baccarat is above all a game of chance, in which the decisive factor is mainly luck. That’s why the game is extremely exciting and a powerful dose of adrenaline.

Variations of the Baccarat game

It is worth being aware that there are three varieties of Baccarat.

  • Baccarat Punto Banco (North American version) – the player bets on which side wins.
  • Baccarat Chemin de Fer (French version) – the player plays with his card layout against the banker’s cards to get a score close to 9; the role of a banker after each loss is taken over by another player.
  • Baccarat Banque – a version similar to the French version, but the banker remains a croupier – until all cards from the three decks are distributed; then the next player takes over the role of the banker.

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